underground high-tech shelters
for maximum protection and survival




Prefabricated units

Noninvasive pier-based foundations

Fast installation

Clean construction

Air handling unit capable to deal with
nuclear chemical or biological disaster

Water Supply
Emergency supply according to the CDC guidelines
for 3 people for 2 weeks

Concrete Shell
For additional protection from
the physical and radiation threats.

Bunkers for Sale

From utilitarian to luxury

Tailored to wide range the disasters

Modular system

Upgrades and maintenance

Bunkers for sale with

Concealed installations

Basements for homes

Easy shelter solution

Additional home space and value


Concealed installations

Basements for homes

Easy shelter solution

Additional home space and value

Prefabricated units all-included packages: each module is prefabricated in controlled environment with quality control at our shop. To be delivered on site with standard trucking equipment no need for any oversize transportation permit. Fast and doesn’t attract unnecessary attention.


Noninvasive pier-based foundations: we don’t pour concrete on site. This leads to faster installation, cleaner construction process, and less settlements. Our piles don’t affect existing structures and can be installed adjacent to the existing buildings. Two days installation. We excavate the pit and drive piles on day one, install units and backfill on day two.

Interiors raging from utilitarian to luxury apartments. Design was made with customization in mind and infinities possibilities to upgrade in future.


Each unit is tailored to the disasters for your area, while others prioritize nuclear fallout as a main threat our company reviews and studies other sources of danger in your area: forest fire, volcanoes, chemical and hazardous materials storage etc.


Modular system based on open standards ready for personal adjustments and improvements. We can tailor any configuration to your personal needs.

Our design principle prioritizes upgrades and repairing over closed systems. You can outsource different scopes of work to other contractors thanks to the open documentation.

Hidden installations. You can install our system under your garage slab or even below any room inside the house. Our procedures will minimize heavy machinery usage to prevent attention from neighbors.


Basements for homes. You can relatively easy upgrade you structure with new basement to add value and square feet to the household.


Additional home space and value, by addition of shelter you can have an advantage other don’t have on current turbulent market.


Easy shelter solution for the industrial and hazardous areas. If you have doubts about fire and hazard safety and effectiveness of means of egress you can consider installing additional shelter for your personnel in high-risk areas.

Completely autonomous. Our shelters are designed to use existing communications and networks but have backup water and power sources. Our telemetry service will constantly check and remind you of required maintenance or broken systems.


Panic room, our systems are designed to be used on daily and always ready basis. So you don’t need to prepare unit in case it’s needed.

Define your bunker now
and get a quote

Select the basic configurations
for your bunker here,
depending on the number of inhabitants,
lifestyle needs, etc.


We offer
premium bunker upgrade
that include:


Beathe easy with our premium air filtration systems. Designed to provide clean, breathable filtered air throughout a radioactive event.


Our bunkers come with power generators and redundancy systems. providing for your electrical needs.


Our bunkers include sustainable water purification and plumbing systems that are independent and contamination-proof.


Military grade NBC ventilation equipment designed to provide clean and safe air during various calamities such as wildfire or radioactive, chemical, or bio-weapon contamination.

Are bunkers

Underground bunkers are considered the safest, as they can protect those inside from nuclear explosions and other disasters.

  • Risk assessments and preliminary design of bunkers, shelters, and Refugee areas.
  • Retrofitting existing bunkers and structures up to contemporary standards.
  • School of anti-panic. In case of calamity, you will not rise to the peak of expectations, but rather fall to the level of you preparation. We offer online, class and vis-à-vis courses of civil defense and teach how to drastically increase chances of survival that includes nuclear fallout, chemical incidents, social unrests, and natural disasters such as tornado, fires and floods. We prepare our client to effective tactics of wellbeing in case of blackout and winter storm.
  • Telemetry to keep client updated on maintenance and equipment status.
  • Maintenance for the system, structures, and supplies.

Robust design with ideas of reliability and repairability in mind.

We use minimum of the complex electronics for the essential systems, all the electronics act as auxiliary support for the mechanical and manually controlled equipment.

Concrete protection shell above metal shell, to absorb shocks, temperature, and electromagnetic pulse. Our shelter can function in cases of landslide or other bunker surface exposure. It’s a viable option even with half-submerged position or even located directly on the ground.

underground high-tech shelters
for maximum protection and survival


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